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Programs Tailored to Your Needs 

Training Series

We offer five distinct programs of interpreting  study, each built around its own introductory lecture course which is an overview of that specialty — methods, procedures, vocabulary, ethics, legalities and cultural issues. The introductory courses are conducted almost entirely in English and in a lecture format with appropriate class notes and a reading list. There is sometimes a little actual homework to do and each introductory course may conclude with a short written exam.

Then follows a series of workshops to build your interpreting skills. Each tutorial has its own collection of oral practice exercises which focus on building the skills and knowledge covered by the lectures and previous  tutorial sessions.

Then comes the final examination and ultimately a certificate. Think of our exams like music students’ recitals – a demonstration of how you perform your newly-acquired skills.

In general, each program in the series 200 to 400 builds on the earlier programs so that when you reach the Court Interpreting examinations you will have taken essentially all thirty-one courses and nine exams in that we offer.

If you have taken equivalent courses elsewhere we are happy to review your work to date and give equivalent or partial credit for our course. We do not give course credit based solely on interpreting experience. At the very least you will need to take the introductory lecture and pass the exam.