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If you are fluent in English and another language, why not make your skills available to hospitals, the courts, Immigration and anywhere the need for accurate multilingual communication exists? The skills you learn at the Vancouver School of Interpreting can help you attain the accreditation and professional certification required for many interpreting jobs.

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We invite anyone interested in VANSIT to join us for a one-hour session. You’ll learn about the profession of interpreting and how VANSIT will prepare you for the workforce.

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It was long our intention to deliver all or nearly all the bilingual components online. We successfully ran the three community interpreting tutorials on Zoom for spring of 2020 and the entire Community Interpreting series by the end of that year.

Our current objective is to complete the Community Interpreting series, including the certificate exams, the end of June 2021. Our three-course Health Care Enhancement will run for seven Saturdays from 10 July to 21 August, two classes per Saturday. The Enhancement series will be open to all holders of our Community Interpreting Certificate.

Worth noting... we will re-start our Paralegal Interpreting Certificate series at about the end of May with a view to issuing the first certificates before the end of 2021.

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