300 Para-Legal Interpreting

Para-Legal Interpreting is for interpreters interested in working in legal offices but not in the court system. We introduce you to the beginning of the adversarial world of the law. In a law office generally the lawyer, client and the witnesses are pretty much on the same side. But there is the "other side" to be considered and prepared for. This adds a new dimension to the ethical and legal aspects of the profession.

We introduce Canadian law and legal terminology and also the special ethical issues encountered by legal interpreting practitioners. This is followed by extensive practice in the consecutive interpreting of meetings between lawyer and client, and sight translation of legal documents.

Most of our community and medical courses are also part of the paralegal series. All of the courses in the para-legal series are required for the court interpreting certificate series.

Completion, Exam, Certificate

  • A statement of Completion issued for each course.
  • A final exam will be offered upon completion of all the courses in this program. This is a modern exam created by VANSIT solely for this purpose. There is a fee for this exam.
  • A Certificate of Para-Legal Interpreting will be granted to students who have passed all of the courses and the Final Exam (with a score of at least 70% on all components).