Attend a Free Information Session

The purpose of our free information sessions is to introduce you to two things — the profession of interpreting and the Vancouver School of Interpreting. In other words, what do interpreters really do and how do they learn to do it.

This is a one hour session with a presentation by a senior member of staff – but consisting mainly of questions and answers.
  You get to ask whatever you think you need to know,
    and hear what other people think they need to know,
      and (of course) you also get to hear all the answers.

Ordinarily the free info sessions are held on the first Wednesday of each month at 6:15 pm in our Vancouver office. Please register at the right and we will email you a confirmation of the date and time with an invitation to join us online to follow a day or two ahead of the session.

Owing to Covid 19 we did not have any info sessions from the Sping of 2020 until 2021. For 2021 we have converted all our classes and infosessions to run live online via Zoom.

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We invite anyone interested in VANSIT to join us for a one to two-hour question and answer session.

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