200 Medical Interpreting

Medical (or Health Care) Interpreting is a collaborative rather than adversarial environment. Everyone in the room has the same goals — defining a medical situation and resolving a health problem.

Part 1 of the lecture series covers medical terminology and anatomy.

Part 2 introduces some institutional matters by way of an introduction to the various aspects of the health care system. We also address professional matters as well as some of the business, ethical and legal aspects of the responsibility you will be assuming.

The tutorial training is primarily in consecutive interpreting and sight translation using medical scenarios and terminologies.

Completion, Exam, Certificate

  • A statement of Completion issued for each course.
  • A final exam will be offered upon the completion of all courses. This is a modern exam created by us solely for this program. There is a fee for the exam.
  • A "Certificate in Health Care Interpreting" will be granted to students who have passed all requirements and the final exam (with a score of at least 70% on all components).